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15X Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Andre Galvao here.

Not everyone knows, but as well as being a Black Belt in BJJ, I’m also a Judo Black Belt. 

I actually started training Judo before I ever trained Jiu-Jitsu.

Over my years of fighting and competing, I noticed that whenever I included focused Judo sessions in my training camps, I always made rapid improvements – not just in my stand up, but also in the ground game.

This was because of the extra confidence I had on my feet, improvements in grip strength and the cardiovascular gains.

Over time, I developed a takedown style in the Gi that uses Judo and wrestling techniques, but also counters common attacks by other Judokas.

I wanted to give everyone a chance to benefit from this system…

In my 5-Day Takedown Bootcamp, I’m giving you a glimpse into the foundations of this system.

Over just 5 days, you’ll make rapid and permanent improvements to your takedown game.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • A simple, and highly-effective battle-tested takedown, that DOESN’T require 1,000+ repetitions to master

  • How to easily secure the overhook (whizzer) when your opponent controls your collar

  • A “guillotine” concept that helps you maintain control and keeps your opponent’s posture broken (in this case, you’re not applying a guillotine to your opponent’s neck, but rather, to a very unexpected bodypart)

  • A tiny adjustment that will make your opponents regret trying to bodylock you from a standing position

  • My grip-breaking “uppercut punch” technique to secure control of my opponent’s lapels

  • The secrets of my “shelf grip” Uchi Mata.

  • How to chain techniques from this Bootcamp with the positions we studied in my first 5-Day Jiu-Jitsu Challenge

  • An alternative to the Ushi Mata that works even better when your opponent is bigger than you (this works really well for smaller guys who are able to get right underneath bigger, stronger opponents)

  • My secret “Ninja Bomb” takedown technique: Distract and confuse your opponent by making them blink. When they open their eyes, they’ll wonder how you’re already controlling their legs

  • A method that prevents your opponent from blocking your knee tap/pants grip when you’re trying to finish the single leg

  • The posture-breaking lapel grips that help you effortlessly finish single leg takedown

  • Learn to land in a dominant side-smash position every time you complete the single leg takedown

  • How to prevent your opponent’s countering these takedowns: Understand better when you’re vulnerable to triangle, arm bars, and other dangerous submissions

  • What Judokas DON’T know about the stand-up game, and how to capitalize on their lack of awareness.

  • How reaching inside your opponent’s pants can save you from being tossed against a belt-less opponent… And the better, less creepy solution to this strangely perverse – but legal and effective – technique.

  • My sneaky lapel trick leading to a simple – but risky – entry into a triangle submission.

  • How the same trick can be used to almost guarantee an arm bar entry with a high finish rate.

  • My simple-but-powerful “squeeze and pop” grip-breaking technique.

  • My “1-2-3” method for finishing the collar drag. You won’t believe how easy it is to finish the collar drag and start working towards a back-take once you’ve seen this method in action.

  • How to effectively chain the collar drag attempts with the other techniques you’ve been learning throughout the week – yes, there’s a method to my madness!

  • Learn the exact arm drag technique I used successfully against Felipe Pena in Worlds 2017

  • How to hold yourself correctly for the most effective “wax off” to arm drag combination

We first ran this Bootcamp “live” in January.

Here’s what some students had to say:


“Honestly, everything about the Boot Camp and the videos were all perfect! I can’t think of any areas that you were lacking and once again I greatly appreciate you making this content available!”


“MUITO OBRIGADO! Professor Andre for imparting his invaluable knowledge and sharing his experience through this recent bootcamp. I’ve learn a lot from it and he’s positive energy and enthusiasm in helping others to better has been inspiring”


“This 5 day course was excellent! It was thorough but simple enough that I, as a white belt could quickly put the material into practice.”


“I am a masters 5 athlete and found this material really beneficial as it doesn’t require too much energy expenditure and still very effective. I will definitely be adding this to my arsenal. OSS!!”


“Keep sharing your techniques to the world so we can all improve our lives through jiu jitsu.”


Every day of the Bootcamp, you will receive an email from me with a link to the videos.

You’ll also be given access to our private Facebook group where you’ll have direct access to me and my team. We’ll be there to help you if you have any questions about the techniques or concepts. We’ll even review any video content of you performing the takedowns I’ll be teaching you.

I can’t wait to see you there!

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